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Notes About the Product Manager

For this company, there are PRIMARY PRODUCTS (generators) and related ACCESSORIES. All primary products have free shipping, and accessories have a shipping fee UNLESS they are purchased with the primary product, because they will ultimately ship attached to the primary product.

PRIMARY PRODUCTS have multiple Model#'s and certain ACCESSORIES can be compatible with multiple Model#s - so we'll need multi-selelect for that when creating accessory.

Primary Products have all the following fields below: We'd want to use the dropdowns where you choose from existing values or use + to add new value, so people don't just randomly add variations of things.

  • These are the searchable ones:
  • Manufacturer
  • Application/Type/Suggested Use
  • Model Name (tied to multiple series?)
  • Series (each series can have multiple model#'s)
  • Model#
  • these search criteria will always be persistant too maybe? or just on product pages? need to be able to search all at once, like mutli-filters
  • Have previously viewd products in footer at all times
  • Show related accessories on product detail pages

Associated Accessories (tied to Model#s)

  • Part Number
  • CSI Cost
  • MSRP
  • do accessories need to be searched separately? or do we ONLY use the show related accessories when viewing products? Probably only show related accessories


  • Will have tiles to drill in directly to Applications/Types/Suggested Use - need complete list
  • Also a single featured search field at the top for Model# - maybe alwys in pre-header?
  • Or just use a modal for all search

  • This is everything else: (needs some clarification)
  • Related PDF Documents
    • They mentioned having tabs in product details for different documents, descriptions, whatever.
  • KW
  • Watts
  • Fuel Type
  • Voltage
  • Amps
  • Hz
  • CB Configuration
  • Emissions
  • Shaft Configuration
  • Seasonality
  • Meteorological
  • ???????????????????????
  • Trade Shows
  • MAP Pricing
  • CSI Cost
  • CSI
  • Sell
  • Maintenance Kit
    • Part Number
    • CSI Cost
    • MSRP
    • CSI Sell
  • Install Kit Components
    • CSI Cost
    • CSI Selll
  • Extended Warranty
    • CSI Cost
    • CSI Sell